Thursday, February 28, 2008

It all has to start somewhere...

I recently moved to London from the US and for some time have been just itching to record my experiences exploring the various foods this huge city has to offer. I rarely stick to one food type, as I am incredibly daring when it comes to sampling new tastes. I am forever on a quest to try new tastes, new cuisines, and London is certainly an excellent place to do that.

What?? Doesn't England have this long standing reputation of having the worst food imaginable? Before I moved here, all I heard was how dreadfully bland and boring and overcooked the food in England is. How utterly dreary and wretched the food would be. Well, that could not be further from the truth, at least as far as I have seen & tasted thus far. I have been treated to delicious curries, rich pies, the freshest vegetables & fruits, delicious lamb and beef, fluffy gorgeous pillows of bread known as Bloomer, excellent salmon, the list goes on and on. The grocery stores here are lush with fresh produce of every possible sort...and even fresher at farmer's markets such as Borough Market in Southwark. I was astonished and delighted. I have never seen such a glorious selection of ingredients.

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