Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Hopping : Dessert with Happy Home Baking

I love mangoes and typically buy them on a regular basis. I eat them just plain or crushed up in a mango lassi (a sort of Indian style smoothie) or in fruit salads. Since mangoes are in season now, they are plentiful and really fresh and juicy.

One way I love to eat them is in Mango Pudding, a gelatin based dessert similar to an Italian Panna Cotta. It is a great way to use up extra mangoes and is pretty easy on the waistline too, for something really quite delicious. After looking through numerous recipes to try, I decided to use this recipe from Happy Home Baking as a guide.

Here is my adaptation of her very easy recipe:
Mango Pudding (inspired by Happy Home Baking's version)

1 pkg gelatin mix (4 serving size) (pineapple, lemon, mango, peach or apricot flavor)
200 ml boiling water
200 ml light evaporated milk (unsweetened) (this is about half of a large can)
1 ripe mango, peeled and diced

Mix boiling water and jello together until the gelatin is fully dissolved. Stir in the milk to combine. Divide the mango pieces among 4 individual jello molds or ramekins, then pour the gelatin mixture over the mango pieces. Chill well until set.

Note: If you wish to unmold them, simply slide a butter knife around the edges to loosen the puddings, then dip the mold briefly into some warm water (just the bottom, you don't want the water getting into your pudding). Set a plate on top of the mold, then carefully flip over - it should drop out of the mold and onto your plate. I was lazy and skipped this step, hence the somewhat messy edges in my photo.

I had to use orange flavor gelatin this time, as that was all I had left in the house and I have to say I don't recommend it as a flavor. The orange really overpowered the mango taste, so it became more of a creamsicle flavored jello.

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  1. I love mango Heather and I love jello. I think a peach would be lovely with this. I shall be trying it soon. Thanks so much for sharing! XXOO