Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog Hopping: Salmon, Sweet Potatoes and a Klutz in the Kitchen

Ah salmon.. I have already blogged before about my love for this gloriously meaty and gorgeous colored fish. Not only is this particular recipe an incredibly easy way to prepare it, but it was also rather impressive looking. I still think I may tweak it a bit more to my personal tastes, but overall, this one was a great find. I followed the recipe here and made almost no changes, other than only seasoning to taste (which meant less salt).

I was not without my share of mishaps while preparing this recipe, however. All in all, it is quite amazing and shows how truly easy this was to prepare. Things started out well... I gathered my ingredients out along with my utensils as I usually do before I begin cooking anything. But you see...I was slightly distracted. Perhaps a bit more than slightly. You see, I had been watching more of Francis' cute Japanese cooking videos and had been thinking about how delicious looking the Japanese Sweet Potato dessert recipe looked. I knew I had a bag of sweet potatoes in my fridge just crying to be turned into Japanese dessert. How could I resist their plea?

So, I started gathering the ingredients for that recipe as well. While the oven was preheating for the salmon, I got to work on the first part of the sweet potatoes, which involved wrapping them and microwaving. Easy enough, right? My potatoes were happily steaming and my oven was preheating and my seasoned salmon was waiting for its creamy sauce bath.

The first problem was that I had misread the recipe. I didn't have quite enough single cream, but what was I to do given my salmon staring at me on the counter and my potatoes whirling about in the microwave? Definitely not a good time to run to the corner store for more single cream. I had some whipping cream in the fridge anyway, if I really wanted to use some of that. Except that richer cream was going into my sweet potato recipe. Yes, I know... you see what spur of the moment recipe decisions do to a person?

I opened my single cream. Or tried to. There was a small problem. The container had a crack in the side, which I of course hadn't noticed when the Ocado delivery guy had brought it earlier that morning. When I grasped the container and applied pressure to open the lid, the crack split wider and all of the cream gushed out at me, onto the counter and sloshing onto the floor. Meanwhile my potatoes had dinged and my fish was still staring at me waiting for its cream sauce. I hastily dumped what was left in the container into the fish pan, and grabbed a cloth to get the mess cleaned up. Several minutes later my now creamless floor and counter were once again tidy and I was ready to proceed. I glanced at my recipe.. I was supposed to have mixed something into the cream first. Well, a bit late now.. so I poured the orange juice directly into the pan, and tried to swirl it around with the cream.

So now that I had my fish in the oven nearly 20 minutes later than originally planned, I was finally able to turn my attention back to the sweet potatoes. I carefully measured out the whipping cream I needed for the recipe. They had been sitting patiently encased in a double layer of plastic wrap and a paper towel, and at this point, the plastic wrap was not very willing to come off of the potatoes. I grabbed a knife and tried to cut the wrapping off... which went flying. Guess where? Yep.. splosh.. right into my cream. I hastily grabbed a strainer and a plastic bowl and poured the cream and wrapping through, in a desperate attempt to save it. And how was I to know, really, that the bowl I had chosen to grab happened to have a crack in the bottom of it. The cream proceeded to run through the strainer and right through the crack in the bowl and onto the same counter I had just cleaned cream off of! Sigh. I cleaned up my mess, the salmon at this point was done and I hadn't even gotten the filling for the sweet potatoes started yet.

Good little blogger that I am, I plated up the fish and quickly snapped a few photos before bothering to continue with the rest of the meal. I measured out some more cream, got on with the sweet potatoes, nibbling a bit of my salmon as I went along. Happily, both recipes turned out really well and I will make both again (although not together).

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  1. Oh dear Heather! Some days are just like that aren't they. At least the end result was delicious and that's what counts!