Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Passionate Peaches (well.. Nectarines but peaches sound so much more alluring)

These were pretty tasty, especially for a recipe that was from a so-called healthy eating magazine. Only I didn't quite make them according to the actual recipe... the main straying points being I used real sugar and well, a tad bit more than they did. Also, having lived in many places, I can assure you that outside of Germany, quark can be a difficult ingredient to get your hands on. So although the quark was really quite good, my future attempts at this will contain mascarpone instead... which is far more decadent and I am quite sorry to say, not very healthy.

Passionate Peaches
(or Nectarines or Plums, whatever works for you)

4-6 peaches or other large stone fruits, cut into halves and de-stoned
about 1/2 cup quark (or mascarpone)
1-2 Tbsp vanilla sugar, to taste
1-2 Tbsp cookie crumbs (about 2 cookies - I used digestives)
a few drops of almond extract
blackberries or whatever berries you like
powdered sugar, optional, garnish

Preheat a broiler (grill) and have a small roasting pan ready to go.

Mix together some quark or mascarpone with a few drops of almond extract and enough vanilla sugar to make it taste sweet enough to you.

Fill each peach half with a loving dollop of the creamy mixture, mounding it a bit.

Sprinkle with some cookie crumbs.

Set into the roasting pan and heat under a broiler a few minutes (5-10ish), until the tops start to look a bit brown and the filling is getting melty and goopy and yummy.
Set a couple of peach halves onto a dessert plate and garnish with some berries, dusting with a bit of powdered sugar if you like.


  1. Sounds yummy and so easy!
    I love digestive biscuits too. Never heard of "quark" -- what is that?

  2. Quark is a soft white German cheese. It has a similar texture to ricotta but has different flavor, milder and less salty (not that ricotta is very salty). In this recipe, Mascarpone or cream cheese would work well instead of the Quark.

    Thanks for your comment :)