Sunday, April 19, 2009

Strawberry Mochi experiment #1 (Daifuku)

I have a newfound respect for the creators of those tiny blobs of sweet gooey deliciousness available at pretty much any sushi take-away place in London. Mochi is a delicious Japanese red bean-filled sweet ...and really, how can anyone resist them when they come in such beautiful colors? I attempted to make some Daifuku recently, once again turning to Francis' video collection for guidance. They were a lot more difficult than they looked. The challenge for me was in the outer layer .. the dough was scalding hot when it came out of the steamer basket and by the time I could handle it without scalding my hands, it had already firmed up quite a bit. So my mochi balls looked a bit uneven, with bits of the red bean paste oozing through the sides. It tasted good the first night, but by the next morning the strawberries had begun to weep a bit and ruin the texture of the outer layer.

They still looked rather pretty on the inside (if a bit lopsided and lumpy on the outside) and the taste, although not nearly as soft and tender as the store bought versions, was still quite good when freshly made.

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