Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chicken & Rice and Strawberry Filled Hazelnut Roll

I wonder if every blogger starts out by wandering through blog after blog the way I do, joyfully discovering a seemingly endless path of new recipes to choose from. Each new recipe I find links me to yet another, and another. My Mastercook cookbook is bulging with new finds and my favorites list now looks like it is a few miles long.

Tonight's dinner was the result of a few blog hops .. the first a chicken and rice dish that was so very easy and so flavorful. I am sure to make this one again. I used a recipe I found here.

The flavor of the marinade was excellent. I used about 1 kilo of chicken legs, the large ones with the thigh and drumstick still attached to each other. One change I did make was that I skinned the chicken before browning it. I also roasted it a bit longer - 15 minutes with the foil, then 20 minutes more after removing the foil. Because I had skinned the chicken beforehand, it was very simple to chop up the meat once it was cooked without having the mess of skin to deal with.

I had been reading some older posts over at Anne's Food and was immediately drawn to the Raspberry Nutroll her friend, Anna, had made one day. Ok I wasn't just drawn to it.. I was drooling over it. Anne was kind enough to track down the recipe for me and share it despite not having tested it herself yet.

This was my first ever nutroll and I had my share of usual kitchen mishaps but the end result was really quite delicious, if a bit sloppy looking.


  1. Oh Yum, Heather, it all looks so good, especially the strawberry cake roll!! That looks utterly fantastic!

  2. UPDATE: Anne has posted the recipe for this lovely cake on her blog

    Here is the link: