Friday, May 1, 2009

Credit Crunch: Cupboard Cooking

I am getting ready to move back to the US in a few months, so I have been trying to use up ingredients I have stashed in my cupboards. There can be no greater incentive to actually do this as when you find out that you have been robbed of every dime you have. Thieves managed to get ahold of my atm card info and wiped me clean. So until that mess is all taken care of, I am pretty much stuck with whatever I already have in the house. Digging around in the cupboards, I found a couple of sample size jars of Indian curry sauces, a packet of Tilda basmati rice, some canned chickpeas, some canned tomatoes, 2 lonely medium potatoes, some chutney, and a few chicken breasts. So I made a curry sampler meal.

I used a recipe I found here for the chickpea recipe. It was pretty good, although for some reason the canned chickpeas were a bit too firm; perhaps simmering longer would fix this problem. The sauces I used for my chicken were from the premium line from Patak's, "Meena's" and were quite good really.. the bottles were only enough for 1 serving each. I cooked up the diced chicken first, then divided it into two pans, using Creamy Korma for one and Tikka Masala for the other half. I have not seen this line in grocery stores yet, which is a shame as it was not as salty & heavy as some of the regular line can sometimes be. I don't tend to buy prebottled curry sauces normally, but I would consider buying this one line if I ever did see it.

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  1. Sometimes the best dinners are the ones we "make do2 with. I hope everything is sorted soon. It must be so frustrating! XXOO