Thursday, June 18, 2009

Credit Crunch: Bubbe's Burgers

I recently started watching a series of online cooking videos called Feed Me Bubbe, with recipes prepared by a charismatic and sweet Jewish Grandmother. I have tried three recipes from her show so far: her delicious burgers (recipe here), her meatballs, and her Jelly Jammies, little strawberry jam filled fruit squares. I will blog about the others later, but first.. the burgers.

These were really good! Quite easy to prepare, economical and no complicated ingredients. I think the hardest part was tearing up the fresh bread to make the soft bread crumbs. The burgers came out juicy and quite flavorful. Bubbe doesn't add any salt, but I did add a few shakes of Jane's Krazy Mixed up Salt (a coarse ground seasoned salt blend).

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