Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Hopping: Salmon in Hawaiian Coconut Spinach Cream Sauce

I have so many delicious sounding recipes bookmarked, and I realized it has been a while since I made a recipe from another blog. This time I hopped over to Kahakai Kitchen and tried Deb's take on a fish with coconut cream spinach sauce from famed Hawaiian chef Sam Choy. Deb's version was made with a type of fish I am unable to get easily here, so I tried this with salmon instead. I think it worked out rather well with the salmon.

I decided to follow Deb's lightened instructions and didn't miss the added fat at all. I was unable to get my hands on the rice flour, so I used 1 Tbsp. cornstarch instead. It came out very creamy and not overly rich, but still quite flavorful. I loved the spinach in this. I used baby spinach leaves and cut them into thin chiffonade strips, which I thought made them look pretty in the sauce. I was unable to get any Thai basil to garnish with, but I did sprinkle some chopped macadamia nuts over the top. I think next time, I would like to try this with grilled shrimp tossed over linguine. This sauce just screams pasta to me.


  1. I am so glad you liked the lightened up version! The salmon looks delicious and I love your idea of the shrimp and pasta. Thanks for the shout-out! ;-)

  2. That looks great. We love salmon so I'm always in search of new and unique preparations for it.
    Thanks for commenting on my site and I will be sure to check out the Sweet & Simple bakes for your entry next time.