Friday, July 24, 2009

The Easiest Tacos I have Ever Made

I have always found it funny when people ask me for the recipe for my beef tacos. Most are quite shocked when I tell them the secret, because it is one of those things that to me was a no-brainer, but I guess for some reason doesn't occur to most people to try. It is not a complicated blend of spices and seasonings, in fact, I add nothing of the sort. I also refrain from using anything that comes in a tiny packet marked "taco seasoning" which to me always just tastes like taco flavored salt. My recipe is laughably simple. Are you ready for this? Be prepared to smack yourself for not thinking of it.

Ground lean beef, the leanest you can get, browned in a nonstick pan with absolutely nothing else, fat drained completely. I achieve this by pushing the meat to one side of the pan, dropping a slice of bread into the pan juices and allow it to soak up all of the liquid. The bread is of course discarded. And then... I stir in some fresh salsa and cook until heated through. Any kind of salsa you like.. homemade, out of a jar, spicy or mild, any ordinary or extraordinary flavor salsa you prefer. Use a slotted spoon to scoop out the meat and taa-daa.. the easiest taco filling, moist and flavorful. That's it. My secret. Told you it was simple.

To serve, simply heat up your favorite tortilla or taco shell, and then add a scoop of meat and top with an assortment of chopped tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuces and cheese, diced avocado, chili peppers, whatever you like. It is just so easy and really yummy.

Note: I use about 1 cup or so of salsa per 3/4 pounds of beef, but I don't measure so feel free to add as much or as little as you like.


  1. Great tip about the bread Heather. I love Taco's and yours sound delish! Are you all moved and settled yet?

  2. Thanks, Marie. Well, I am in Florida now, but my furniture and most of my household items won't be here until sometime in August. So sort of, but not entirely yet.

  3. I am smacking myself--I tend to blend a bunch of different spices but how easy your idea is. ;-)