Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Simple Fruit and Jello Pie

It has been extremely hot and humid this past week, so I wanted to have something light and refreshing for dessert. Something requiring very little heating up of the house. I decided to throw together a quick and simple gelatin based fruit pie, just using a graham cracker crust, some gelatin, fresh berries, and some Cool Whip. It was easy enough to prepare with my limited supplies and other than boiling some water to dissolve the gelatin, required no cooking. Perfect.

There isn't really much of a recipe here - I simply dissolved the gelatin in boiling water according to the directions on a box of strawberry gelatin, then whisked in some Cool Whip, about 1 cup. I poured this cloudy, thin liquid into the graham cracker pie crust and then let it set in the fridge until firm, a few hours. When I was ready to serve, I sliced up some fresh strawberries and garnished the top of the pie with the berries and some Cool Whip.

As the gelatin sets, the Cool Whip mixed into the gelatin makes a separate layer, giving it a pretty ribboned effect. Forgive the messy photo, I had to use a plastic knife to cut the pie and it wasn't very helpful.

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  1. That looks delicious Heather! I am betting you are enjoying being back in America and being able to get American goodies again!