Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog Hopping: Pasta and Spinach Salad at Betty's Kitchen

I wonder how many other bloggers and foodies out there do the same thing I do. I see a new cooking show or find a new blog and get so absorbed with the recipes that I have to try a bunch of them right away. I really enjoy seeing what others are making and trying out their new or at least new to me recipes, or their somewhat different variations on things I make all the time. Sometimes trying a slightly new version of your same old recipes brings them new life or in some cases offers a cheaper or faster alternative when you are credit crunching or just pressed for time.

Lately, Betty's Kitchen has caught my attention. She has a series of easy homestyle recipe videos that focus on simplicity and often are quite healthy renditions of some old favorites. All of her recipes contain very few ingredients, and the cost is often right on target with my current budget. I have already mentioned making her tasty muffins and chili cheese nachos previously. Last night I prepared Betty's Spinach Salad with Blueberries & Strawberries and her Baked Penne Rigate.

I love fruity spinach salads and often make my own versions, although I hadn't made one in a while. This easy version was the perfect thing on a night when I didn't really have time to be more elaborate, and it went over very well with my daughter, who was home sick with a bad cold and only wanted salad and fruit for dinner. I left out the cheese this time.

Italian Style pasta bakes are something I make a lot. They are very economical and are the type of dish that tends to please everyone. Baked Penne Rigate calls for ingredients I almost always have on hand ... pasta, spaghetti sauce, ground beef, Italian sausage .. and also would use up some of the cheese I had leftover from making lasagna last week, making this the perfect choice for me. For people who don't like tons of cheese in their pasta bakes, this is perfect, as it only calls for a few slices of mozzarella (I used leftover provolone instead) and a half cup of Parmesan. This was delicious and very meaty. I used Italian style turkey sausage and extra lean ground beef, and also added a bit of garlic.

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