Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween: Caramel Apples

Happy Halloween everyone! I made some simple caramel apples by dipping firm Granny Smiths into melted caramel squares thinned with a little water. Taking a suggestion from Betty over at Betty's Kitchen, who recently made the same recipe, I rolled mine in some butter toffee candied peanuts. These are easy, messy, and oh so rich and gooey. These need to be chilled to firm up, but you will want to remove them from the fridge about 10-15 minutes before you want to eat them, as they get rock hard when cold. I personally like to slice mine into wedges rather than try to chomp into the huge gooey apple.

Simple Caramel Apples (adapted from Kraft)
(makes 3-4 large apples)

50 squares soft caramel candies, unwrapped (one 12 oz. bag) or soft toffee (such as Thornton's)*
1 Tbsp water (or use 2 Tbsp if melting on the stovetop)
3-4 popsicle sticks
candied nuts or or raisins or chocolate chips or coconut

Place caramels and water into a glass dish and melt in the microwave for about 2 minutes, or until melted thoroughly. Meanwhile, jab a popsicle stick firmly into each apple. Dunk apples in the melted caramel, then roll the bottom of the coated apple in nuts or whatever other crunchy decoration you prefer. The decorating step is optional; however, rolling the bottom in something crunchy helps make a nice base for the apples to stand upright. Place on a wax paper lined plate and pop in the fridge to chill until firm, about 30 minutes to an hour.

Remove from fridge about 10-15 minutes before serving. If you wish to slice them, use a big butcher's knife to cut the sides off of each apple, then slice the sides into smaller pieces. This makes the apples a lot easier to eat and share.

*American caramels come in tiny 1" cubes, so if you plan to use Thorton's soft toffee instead, you will probably not need 50, since their toffee is sold in somewhat larger pieces.


  1. OH, those look soooo good Heather! I will have to buy myself some Thortons' soft toffees next time I am at the store!

  2. Thank you both. Hope you do get a chance to try them, they are fun and tasty.