Saturday, November 21, 2009

My breakfast at Cracker Barrel and a poll

In case you haven't noticed my new feature yet, off to the right hand side of my blog is a little "choose my next recipe" poll. For my first topic, I chose a selection of menu items from Cracker Barrel restaurant, since I enjoy their food so much. I ate there again this morning for breakfast and snapped a few quick and somewhat blurry shots of three of the items in the poll. I meant to get a picture of the cake too, but I forgot to order a piece to take home.

The apples are a regular side dish staple at the restaurant. Generously sized wedges of soft, tender Golden Delicious apples, sauteed in a brown sugary buttery glaze. I get them nearly every time I have breakfast there. They are so popular that they even started selling them in jars to take home. I do have a nice version of something very similar that I have served alongside steak and ham that is really yummy.

The cranberry orange pecan muffins are a special item they have on their holiday menu right now. It is a luscious orange juice-drenched fluffy muffin, full of cranberries, and encrusted with oats, chopped pecans and brown sugar. I kind of hope they let this one stick around as a regular part of the menu.

The pecan pancakes are really scrumptious. Chock full of nuts and light and airy... with a crispness around the edges and an almost lacy appearance. I know they use buttermilk pancakes as their base, but I am not totally certain about how they make them so lacy. I have a few ideas that I could test out though.

The missing cola cake is a nice big square of moist warm dark chocolate cake with a thin layer of gooey fudge icing on top, which they serve with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on the side. They bring this menu item out only during their anniversary or perhaps during other special occasions.

I might end up making them all at some point, but right now, your votes will determine which I try to tackle first. Hope you enjoy my new feature and I look forward to seeing which recipe wins :)


  1. Look at that gorgeous muffin. That would be a good way to start any day!

  2. It was massive and soooo delicious. I ate part of it and packed up the rest to snack on later. The waitress said they are very, very popular and she is also hoping they keep it on the menu.

  3. Oh, what a tasty looking breakfast Heather. I hope to one day get to eat at Cracker Barrel. I have heard so many good things about them!

  4. I missed getting to eat there while I lived overseas. It is really cozy and they have a great gift shop too, in addition to the good home-style American traditional foods.

  5. it all looks nasty and yall should be ashamed of yallself