Friday, December 4, 2009

Something to be Thankful For: Part 2, The Rolls

Mmmm soft fresh hot rolls. My holiday meal would not ever be complete without some fresh hot homemade bread. I can always remember my mother baking bread, watching the dough rise in pans she set in a sunny windowsill. My Aunt Marg also made a killer bread that she served at Thanksgiving and I can still remember the delicious taste and aroma (hopefully I will someday get my hands on her wonderful recipe). I grew up with zero fear of making bread dough, since from my earliest recollections of any sort of kitchen activity, I can remember someone in my family baking bread, and I often helped out with the kneading process. I always found it soothing and quite fun really to squash the dough between my fingers and push and pull at it until it became a soft, pliable ball of yeasty smelling dough.

For these particular rolls, the kneading is actually done in my bread machine, which is a huge time-saver on busy holidays, especially when you have guests and about a million other things to be doing besides taking up an entire counter for kneading and rolling out dough. So for those of you who did not have quite such an idyllic bread baking childhood experience, you might want to give this recipe for Whole Wheat Honey Rolls a try. The flavor and texture of these rolls is so tender and delicious, I have yet to find a usually-a-wheat-bread-hater type who has refused to eat them. You still get the pleasure of rolling the dough into balls for the rolls, but the mess and the work of the mixing and kneading is all neatly handled inside the bread machine. They bake very quickly, so you can pop these into your oven right before serving and have a delicious basket of freshly made rolls on your holiday table by the time your gravy is ready and the turkey carved.


  1. Delicious looking rolls Heather! I love that you can do them in the bread machine! I am hopeless at kneading, so this is a real bonus!!

  2. I love my bread machine :) Even though I enjoy the entire bread making process, I do not always have the time for it; the machine at least still lets me get my deicious home baked bread. Thanks for stopping by :)