Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baking the Bake-Off: Testing out Java Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

I had some time this morning to throw a simple breakfast together. I know the picture doesn't jump out and scream "simple" but I assure you, this was a pretty easy and highly uncomplicated dish to make. I had been looking over the list of the current Pillsbury Bake-Off contest finalists and the recipe for Java Glazed Cinnamon Rolls seemed like something I would really enjoy a lot. In fact, it was one of the recipes I had been secretly rooting for as a potential winner for the upcoming event.

The only thing I needed to buy specifically for this recipe was a tube of Pillsbury Grands biscuits with cream cheese icing. This is not an ingredient I buy very often, but since I had not made any Pillsbury Bake-Off recipes in a while, I decided to grab a can of the dough and give this recipe a try. Basically the recipe doctors up the basic cream cheese icing that comes with the dough, giving it a bit more flavor by adding coffee, nuts, and white chocolate. It sounded and looked great.

While the idea was very creative, I didn' t notice enough difference in the final product from the taste of the rolls made without the additions. It just didn't have enough coffee flavor for me. Nothing is wrong technically with the recipe - it works as directed and the rolls do taste good, just not that wow I had been hoping for.

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  1. Oh gosh Heather. I think I just put on ten pounds looking at these pictures!!! How wonderful they look! Well done you!!