Friday, July 9, 2010

A Home of My Own

As I have been hinting at over the past year, big changes are in store for my life. While I wish these were all positive changes, they really aren't very pleasant at all. I am still looking for a good solid job that matches my education, skills, and most importantly... needs. Bills have to get paid after all! After numerous moves, and struggling to get out of a marriage that was failing fast and hard, I am finally at the top of the gigantic cliff I have been trying to climb. For some time now, I have been staring at what seemed to be a huge mountain of obstacles blocking my way, but at least one step has finally been accomplished... I have moved out. For the first time in a long time, I have my own place to live, my own keys, and hopefully, a piece of my life back.

I am still digging out from under a pile of boxes, bags, and clutter, without much time to really get to unpack and carefully set things up the way I would like to. My priority at the moment is to find a decent job that doesn't require me to say something like "May I take your order please?" or "Paper or plastic?" Freelance writing isn't going to pay all of my bills at the moment, so it is time for some heavy pavement pounding.

So for now, it is back to unpacking, job hunting, and legal headaches. I have a really cute retro-80s/early 90s kitchen that I am pretty excited to start cooking in, so never fear.. recipes and food photos are on the horizon. Just bear with me a little bit longer while I find some air to breathe, rest my feet, and find my plates that are buried in one of these boxes somewhere...


  1. Good to see you getting your life back. Although there is pain with growth and change, the results will be well worth it.

    Can't wait to see the kitchen photos and food you'll cook in it

    Take care!

  2. I'd been checking your blog every so often and wondered how you were when I didn't see any new posts. I'm happy to hear that you're safely at the top of the gigantic cliff. :) See you again soon!

  3. Thanks you both so much. Things will calm down for me once the divorce stuff is finished. I still have to get through that hurdle, then I should be doing much better.