Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Farmer's Market Haul

One of the very cool things about my new home is its proximity to a local farmer's market. It is quite literally around the corner, just down the street from where I live, less than a few minutes drive. Almost close enough to walk to if it wasn't so incredibly hot and humid out.

A lot of the so-called farmer's markets in this region are often just small stalls that sell a lot of not necessarily local produce. I had nearly given up on them altogether. But this particular stand is the real deal, located at the edge of a genuine farm, jutting up against the very fields where much of the produce sold was grown. Not everything was local, but they certainly put on a good effort and most everything was abundant and fresh. I found the prices to be fairly reasonable, and certainly a bit more economical than some of the local chain grocery stores in this area.

I picked up a couple of deep emerald colored poblano peppers, some bright orange fleshed sweet potatoes, a huge beefsteak tomato, a fat juicy red bell pepper, an enormous mango, and a box of fresh strawberries.

While the guy at the counter was ringing up my fruits & veggies, I noticed they also happened to sell Ale 8 One ginger soda, a specialty soft drink made by a tiny company in Kentucky. I had recently heard Betty over at bettyskitchen sing its praises, so when I saw it sitting in their tiny soda fridge, I picked up a bottle to try. My bottle was a tiny bit flat actually, but the flavor was still refreshing. It doesn't have the same crispy bite that ginger ale does, but is slightly more fruity. I liked that it wasn't overly sweet and syrupy tasting.

My grand total was a fairly reasonable $7.63. Not too bad for the quality and amount of items I purchased.


  1. YOu are so fortunate to have a farmer's market near you. It's always so fun to go to one and I love all the produce they offer.

  2. I am really happy about it. Being able to buy fresh produce is so important to me, since I eat tons of fruits and veggies.

  3. Brilliant! Do we get to see what you make with all of these things? :D Pretty please?

  4. You got some great stuff--and at a really good price! I have a few farmer's markets by me--I want to go so bad but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I have to find out exactly where they are hiding! Great post. :)

  5. hi, i left you a shout out on my blog, go have a look! :)

  6. LOVE the farmers market! It's tons of fun!

  7. Thank you all for your nice comments :)

    Yes, I plan to share what I did with most of my purchases, so keep checking back to see :)

    Morellocherry - thank you so much for the shout out!