Monday, July 12, 2010

My Own Personal Piece of the Key Lime Pie...

After what seemed like endless days of torrential downpours, it finally stopped raining long enough for me to take a proper look in my new garden and of course snap some photos.

I love the garden.. it is so private and shady and honestly feels a bit like my own secret garden, tucked away from the rest of the world, complete with a fountain, butterflies, a wall of whistling bamboo, and a slew of more plants and flowers I can't even begin to name, having little to no experience with tropical flora.

One thing I did recognize immediately is this adorable little Key Lime tree full of tiny bright green limes. They aren't quite ripe yet, as Key limes will get a more yellow hue when ripe. I am so excited about this tree! It has been so long since I have had a fruit tree, and this will be my first citrus tree ever.

There are a lot of beautiful tropical plants and flowers in my garden, most of which I am unfamiliar with. Hopefully some of you kind readers will be able to help me identify some of them and even offer some tips on how to care for them.

There are two different sets of these rather large leafy ground plants, their leaves bursting with pink and red tongues.

The center of the garden is covered in these mostly green plants, interspersed with tall shooting purple flowers that remind me of firecrackers. Butterflies love this section of the garden. They were unfortunately a bit camera shy.

There is also a small pond with a fountain. I love the Asian feel. The owner may bring over some Koi fish for the pond. My daughter is going to love that!

Next to the fountain is a tiny patch of pink speckled leaves.

This innocent looking red flowering plant covers a large portion of the back edge of the garden. It seems to have taken over and may be a weed or possibly native ground cover, I am not really sure. Even if it is a weed, it is really very pretty, so I don't think I will try to pull it up.

This wall of tall thin bamboo towers above the entire length of the back wall of the garden, providing much needed shade and excellent privacy.

One tree has a peculiar trunk... it seems to grow lengthwise along the ground. It has smooth shiny leaves and is just beginning to show some yellow buds.

The leaves seem similar to those on the lime tree, only there is no evidence of fruit and the trunk is very different. Any idea what this could be?

I seem to recognize these plants ... I think they might be called elephant ears? Not really sure.

This is yet another huge tropical plant with wide toothy leaves and a shiny surface.

Here is another tree, again with very shiny, almost waxy leaves with crisp edges. This also looks similar to the lime tree, but with slightly different leaves.

And finally, this small patch of ruffled leaves reminds me a lot of spinach, although I can't imagine it could possibly be edible.


  1. The first 2 pictures, the pink and green plants are caladiums, they are just a foliage plant. I believe the next picture are hostas. Wow, a key lime tree, that is so cool. The big leafed plants are indeed elephant ears. Not sure about the rest, it all looks pretty!

  2. Heather!!!!!!!! What a lovely garden!!! and a key lime tree, how nice!! Love the fountain too!!

  3. Thank you Raquel and Elly :) I will have to find lots of new uses for those limes! There are so many growing on the tree. Good thing I love the taste of lime. :)

  4. What a lovely garden! I adore the fountain. The 2 plants before the "spinach" look similar to something my parents have in their backyard but I don't know what they are called. It would be interesting if the smaller plant flowered. :)

  5. What a gorgeous garden you have! And a key lime tree, you lucky girl! Limes are one of the few things I miss about the States, we just don't get them here. That, and summer rain. Count your blessings, no matter how small!

  6. Thanks Judy & Miriyummy :) The garden is definitely a huge plus to living here - it is such a nice thing to have. I do hope some of the plants will flower too. I can't imagine not having access to limes!

  7. What a great garden! I'd love a key lime tree :)

  8. The green and purple/pink leaved plant is a yam leaf plant ( ill have to look up the proper name in a book that I have) least thats what we call it here. very common and grows like crazy. most here are the bright green variety but those that u have are quite common too.

    the plant thats creeeping in teh picture right after the pond looks like a kind of bamboo plant. but I cant be absolutely certain from they look very similar.

    you have sch a nice garden. wish I had the space :)) btw tq for ur kind comment on my site :)

  9. The green and red/pink leaved plant are what we call 'lucky heart' its partner plant have the same shaped leaves but much smaller in green and white. Picture Number 12 what you think might be elephant ears looks a lot like we call 'spinach leaves' they are edible and used as greens, but have to be cooked.