Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich, Fresh from the Farmer's Market

You may recall that I recently made a trip to my local farmer's market and picked up some gorgeous fresh fruits & vegetables, to include a huge vine ripened meaty beefsteak tomato. A real tomato, not one of those yellow-orange almost plastic tasting grocery store tomatoes. Truly fresh tomatoes that have actually grown in a field under the shining sun have a lovely aroma and a luscious, juicy taste and texture. The kind of tomato that when you slice into it, juices flow freely down the sides of your counter, your arms and makes your kitchen smell like a garden.

My grandfather used to grow beefsteak tomatoes in his back yard. I can fondly recall grabbing the bright red globes whole and chomping down into them like apples. They were so sweet and delicious, they tasted just perfect right off of the vine.

A childhood favorite of mine has always been a Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato Sandwich aka the Classic BLT. I can remember my dad making them for me in the summer, and I am sure that my grandma fixed her fair share of bacon sandwiches for me as well.

A bacon sandwich hardly needs a recipe, but here is a mouthwatering pictorial of my step by step How To Make a Bacon Sandwich, mainly because the photos turned out so yummy looking that I had to share ;)

Step 1: Grab your handy dandy Hello Kitty toaster & insert bread. Seriously, I am such a girl.

Step 2: Slice one huge ripe farm fresh beefsteak tomato, season with salt & pepper. Summer in a slice.

Step 3: Slather toast with some mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (Yes, I am one of those people).

Step 4: Layer on some crispy lettuce....

Step 5: The beefsteak tomato slices.....

Step 6: Bacon.... Crisp delicious bacon

Step 7: Stack, slice, and devour. Yum. Are you hungry now?


  1. Mmmm mmmm looks so good! Makes me want to put my hand into my monitor and grab a bite! Must be the magic of the Hello Kitty toaster that made it sooo good :P

  2. Heh heh thanks Charlene & Kevin :) I love that toaster - not only is it super cute, but it really toasts my bread up nice & crispy.

  3. Hi Heather,

    Look at these tomatoes!!!! I have never seen such robust looking tomatoes. You have opened my eyes to beefsteak tomatoes and for once, tomatoes are the highlight of a sandwich. :)

  4. They tasted really good too :) Hope you get to try a nice fresh one. Thanks for commenting :)