Monday, March 26, 2012

Low Carb Lunch: Steak au Poivre

I am once again attempting to lose weight by eating low-carb.  I have had some success with eating low-carb previously, but was never able to commit fully to the process.  My main issues with eating this way are the limits on eating fruit, rice, and pasta.  When you are feeding a hungry sports-playing kid who happens to be part Italian, you both love Asian food, and you enjoy baking, low-carbing is very, very tough to maintain.

However, every time I have tried eating this way, I have lost weight. While for me it isn't a permanent solution, when I need to jump start some weight loss, my body does seem to respond really well to this process.  Rather than follow a specific plan, which I find too restrictive to continue long-term, I am focusing instead on reducing my overall carb intake.

As I have done before, I am relying heavily on recipes from one of the Idiot-Proof Diet Cookbooks by Bee Rawlinson, India Knight, & Neris Thomas.  This time, I tried one of their suggested lunches, Steak au Poivre with a side salad of avocado dressed with a dollop of blue cheese dressing.  It is a simple dish you can whip up in about 15 minutes and is very satisfying and filling.  I doubt I will make this a regular lunch dish, but it sure was delicious.

Simple Steak au Poivre, adapted from The Idiot-Proof Diet

1 (3-4 ounce) lean steak (I used sirloin)
1 pat butter (I used garlic butter)
crushed peppercorns, to taste
2 Tbsp cream, to taste
1 grind sea salt

Heat a heavy skillet over medium-high heat.  Melt butter until it begins to sizzle.  Meanwhile, rub crushed peppercorns into both sides of the steak - enough to give it a nice coating.

Cook steak until it is brown on the bottom, with a bit of crusty bits forming along the edges.  Flip over and continue cooking until it is cooked the way you prefer it.  Very soft = rare, Somewhat soft = Medium, Soft but getting firmer = Medium-well, Firm = well done.  Remember that the steak will continue to cook a few minutes after you remove it from the pan, so remove it just before it is as firm as you want it to be.

Drizzle a small amount of cream into the pan juices, stirring around to soak up the browned bits.  Heat for about 1-2 minutes over low heat, then pour or spoon over the resting meat.  Season to taste with a touch of salt, if desired.

The authors recommend serving this with some fresh sliced avocado and a spoonful of blue cheese dressing.


  1. I have been on South Beach with good results, then I went to visit friends in England. Well . . . back on the diet horse next week. As diets go, low carb is really pretty easy for me. I will be making this recipe.

  2. My food lifestyle (as don't believe in diets personally for me) works without it feeling restrictive at a doc directed one...simple...100 grams of protein each and every meal...are yes foods, sometime foods and no foods...weight literally flies off and have kept it off...(although mine was not for a weight issue) The steak looks YUM!!! Glad to read your blog still :)

  3. That looks great Heather. No diet works for me really. I do lose weight on them, but always gain it all back and more. I wish you good luck with this. (((hugs))) Nice to see a post from you!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone :) It is great hearing from all of you again, too!

  5. I love a good steak au poivre - made some for my birthday dinner back in April, using a recipe from the British chef Marco Pierre White, but with some modifications. Basically, you make the sauce by reducing a bottle of Worcestershire sauce, and then adding cream and peppercorns. Genial :)