Friday, May 18, 2012

Raspberry Walnut Salad

Since I have been dieting for the past couple of months, salads have become a major player in my menus.  I typically eat a large salad for lunch every day, and very often add a side salad to accompany my dinners as well.

This is a very simple yet addictive salad that I tried the other night.  I have had similar versions before, but this one was just so easy to throw together on the spur of the moment.  I think I have eaten this salad three nights in a row already this week, it is really that tasty.

Raspberry Walnut Side Salad
(inspired by a recipe demo at Publix)

1 serving

1 generous handful torn romaine lettuce leaves, washed, dried well
1-2 tsp blue cheese crumbles
1-2 tsp chopped walnuts
1/4-1/2 tsp freshly grated lemon zest, to taste
1-3 tsp raspberry vinaigrette*, to taste

Assemble the lettuce, cheese, and walnuts on a plate.  Whisk together some lemon zest and a small amount of raspberry vinaigrette, then drizzle over the salad.

*To make your own raspberry vinaigrette, whisk together canola oil, white balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and a very small spoonful of raspberry preserves, all to taste.  Or you may use store bought.

The lemon zest really makes the dressing sing and is a great way to doctor up any bottled vinaigrette.


  1. Hi Heather,

    This is an answer to your question about Maritime Brown Bread. In the Maritimes, the term brown bread typically means bread with molasses in it which gives it a brown colour, hence the term "brown bread". As for the recipe, I use white flour in the recipe and not whole wheat. The reason that the whole wheat setting is used on the bread machine is because of the oats in the recipe. However, bread machines differ and you may have to play to see what works for you. I have tried the the regular or white bread setting on my machine and the bread comes out a little wet & doughy in the middle because it needs a bit more time to bake. Hope this helps! Angie

  2. Heather, this looks rather appetising. What type of blue cheese did you use - mild or strong one?

  3. Thank you so much Angie, for clarifying the flour type used in your recipe. I plan to make it next weekend and hopefully it will become a regular item. Thank you for visiting.

    Pille - thanks for your comment on the salad. I used a medium strong, pungent blue cheese, mainly because that was what I had on hand. I love it that way, although I think many people would prefer a milder blue in this salad because of the light dressing flavors. I think goat cheese would be nice too.