Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Organized Kitchen: A Peek Inside the Fridge, Part 2

As promised in my previous kitchen organization post, today I'd like to show you how I keep my refrigerator door organized. My fridge door has four deep, yet somewhat narrow shelves, where I can fit very tall objects, but nothing much wider than a mayonnaise jar. There is also a covered butter compartment, which is just out of sight at the very top of the door. I regularly keep a box of unsalted butter, a package of cream cheese, an airtight butter dish (for storing cut sticks of butter), and sometimes a stick of garlic butter in that compartment.

Underneath the butter compartment is my salad dressing and mayonnaise shelf. What you see tucked behind the salad dressing bottles is a package of flour tortillas. They were always getting bent or squished in the main part of the fridge, so I started storing any flatbread items in the backs of each of my fridge door shelves, held upright by the bottles. This really helps keep them flat and also makes them easy to spot, instead of getting buried underneath a container of leftovers or something.

The next shelf is where I store all of my bottled sauces: barbeque sauce, salsa, marinades, Asian sauces like Hoisin  sauce, Thai Fish sauce, etc.

The third shelf houses all of my ketchup and mustard. Yes, I have SIX different bottles of mustard in my door right now. What can I say - I really love mustard! I usually make sure to have at least a bottle of Dijon, Brown, and Honey Mustard on hand at all times. I also currently have some Country Style, a Honey Dijon blend, and some Dipping Mustard.

And finally, the bottom shelf is for keeping dessert sauces, like chocolate syrup and caramel, as well as a bottle each of Limoncello and white wine.

The labels on each shelf make it really easy for everyone to remember where to put back any of the various condiments, so the fridge door really does tend to stay organized.

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  1. I am loving your fridge Heather! Very organized and lots of goodies to cook with! Well done! xxoo