Friday, July 20, 2012

An Organized Kitchen: A Peek Inside the Fridge, part 1

I have a very tiny fridge. Not quite college dorm sized, but still much more narrow and crammed than I would like. I have four tiny shelves in the upper portion of my fridge, with only two small bins (no slim meat & cheese drawer like I am used to having). I have to get really creative and purge my food supplies fairly regularly in order to keep everything clean, tidy, and orderly in there.

My top shelf is designated for all of my big beverages - my jugs of milk, juice, soda cans, coffee creamer, etc. During the school year, it is also where my daughter stashes her lunch bag.

Since I had a lot of short, tiny, odd shaped jars and bottles of jams and other miscellaneous condiments that always seemed to get lost behind all of the other food, I decided to add a two-tiered lazy Susan to the second shelf. This makes it so much easier to find exactly which jelly I want when I am half asleep in the morning. The narrow strip of the shelf not taken up by the lazy Susan is where I store a row of pickles and relishes.

The third shelf is for all of my dairy containers - tubs of butter, sour cream, dips, yogurt, etc. On the fourth shelf, I keep my eggs, Canadian bacon, and any containers of leftovers. I also let my meat thaw in a sealed plastic container on this shelf.


I placed a dollar store plastic drawer off to one side of the dairy shelf to corral all of my packages of cheese and deli meats.


I eat loads of fruits and veggies, so in order to keep things tidy and visible, I try to prep some of my veggies when I get home. It is hard to tell in the photo, but I have several items prepped and cleaned and stored in small clear containers and bags. I keep veggies in the top bin, fruit in the bottom bin.

Next time I will show you the contents of my fridge door....


  1. Fabulous organization skills in practice here Heather and good food hygiene practices as well! I love it. I especially love the idea of a lazy susan to put all the jams etc. on. I'm going to do that myself now! Thanks for the great ideas! xxoo

  2. Thank you so much, Marie. I have a bunch of lazy Susans in my pantry cabinets too - makes finding things so much easier.